frequently asked questions

How do I possibly clear my mind when I have a kajillion thoughts rushing around in there?

Good news! You don't have to clear your mind. Nobody can, really. You will just be growing an awareness of your thoughts, like watching a stage show or a river flowing in front of you, and when you've developed an awareness of your thoughts, you can perhaps learn to control them just a teeny tiny bit.

How long will I be expected to sit for a meditation? I've heard you have to sit for a long time.

In the Finding Stillness sessions, you're expected to sit for around ten to fifteen minutes at a time, and then try to sit for about the same outside our sessions. But, you know what? If you need to do fewer minutes than that, you do you. As my favorite meditation teacher, Jeff Warren, says, if you can only do two or three minutes a day, then that's what you do. It can be really hard to be alone with our thoughts sometimes, but you can build up those mindful muscles in tiny increments at a time.

How are your FindingStillness.Space sessions different than other kinds of meditation?

It's not that different. We are working in a group, which I think is really nice and supportive and some of the meditating time might be shorter than you'd experience in other meditation practices, but the ideas and philosophies are very much the same -- learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, learning to identify when your mind is wandering, and learning to focus on your breath.

What do I need to bring to class?

You Curiosity An open mind An open heart Your thoughts Your breath A developing awareness

Is this a kind of group therapy? Will I be encouraged to share my problems?

No, this isn't a therapy group and I'm not a therapist. I'm a teacher. In our group, we focus solely on your mindfulness practice and your finding stillness -- and how that's going; there's no need to go into the details of your life beyond that. In fact, it's discouraged, and you're often even muted on Zoom. I have names of therapists I can share with you if you find that you need them.

Is there homework?

Not really, but you will find some depth to your practice if you try to find a few minutes of stillness every day even when you're not in the group. I also have some books I'd like you to buy and read so we can discuss a little, but that's just a suggestion. In the end, you do you. You know what you need.

What if I have to miss some of the sessions?

Although class I really hope you can attend all the sessions, I know it's summer and life is busy. So try, but if you can't make it -- no biggie. We will miss you, though.

How much does it cost?

the summer sessions are $150

"open your mind. look within."

                                                            -bob marley